Course Schedule


Schedule of Assignments & Units Pts Due Date
The Basics

Beat Summary – area of close interest and story/reading 5
Wireframe Analysis – Close Reading of news publication with eye for coverage of area of interest, design, aesthetics, content, quality of writing and image production 10
Threading the Needle

Reverse engineering understanding the structure of a news feature story by breaking down its component parts, reflection of storytelling style and transmission of facts to shape the larger societal interest and questions it poses for the reader to consider 20
Thinkpiece/Hot Take 10
Pitch story for feature assignment 10
Feature 1 assignment 50
The Package – Feature 2- Group Assignments Around Theme Package(s)

Systems Thinking group assignment to study patterns and stakeholders to pose questions (in class) 25
Pitch story for news package individual but connected to group 10
Storyboard in class – reflection 25
Draft story of news package Feature 2 10
Peer Review analysis/editing (in class) 25
Final Feature Piece – upload news package feature content final on class site 50
Class Participation (15 weeks) 50
Total 300